Material Lab

Raw Material Sourcing

Our ingredients are imported from all around the world. We may source special requested ingredients with quality ensured for our clients. We are also discovering and applying new mechanisms that provide whitening effects, creating the concept for materials and efficacy technologies, as well as developing tools for communication with customers.

Packaging Sourcing

Our creative designer team will help you design an attention-grabbing label and enhance your product positioning to match your product unique selling point.

Sheet Mask
  • Eye Sheet Mask
  • Cotton Sheet Mask
  • Silk Sheet Mask
  • Face Lift Up Sheet Mask
  • Hand Mask (Pair)
  • Sheet Mask Sachet / Pouch
Soap Tray
  • Leaf Soap Tray
  • Oval Soap Tray
  • Love Soap Tray
  • Rectangle Soap Tray
  • Round Soap Tray
  • Ampoule Glass Bottle
  • Essence Glass Bottle
  • Tube
  • Cushion
  • Bottle
  • Jars